Plated: Meal Delivery Kit

I have been seeing ads on Facebook more and more for meal delivery services [or meal ingredient delivery services, really] these days. The concept + their first time delivery discount intrigued me, so I decided to pick one and give it a try. Plated won!

How does it work?

  1. You sign up for an account.
  2. You choose how many meals you would like delivered [three dinner meals for two people, four people, etc.]
  3. Choose how often you would like to receive a delivery and what day of the week you would like your food delivered.
  4. Your food arrives at your doorstep nicely [and responsibly] packaged into neat little meal packs with the perfect amount of each ingredient that you need for your meals.
  5. You prep and cook your meals! I cooked three of Plated’s recipes, and each one took me about 30-40 minutes to prep and cook.

Plated’s first time offer was to purchase two meals, and then you get four meals free. So, I paid $24.99 for dinner for Colin and I for three nights. That’s $4.17 per person, per meal — not a bad deal. It is typically $12 a meal, so for three meals for two people it comes out to $72 — and shipping is free.

These companies are popping up all over now [or I am only just noticing them?]. I’ve recently heard of Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Home Chef [any others you would recommend?]. Maybe I will give a bunch of these a try to see which experience I liked best…

Here is an example of what the ingredients look like [from our chicken tikka masala recipe].







The recipe cards:



And the finished product [we added asparagus as well]

*Please note, chicken tikka masala is *not* the prettiest looking dish, but it was quite tasty. Spicy, too!


I really enjoyed my experience with Plated. It was nice to have three nights in a row where I didn’t have to come up with a recipe idea for dinner. I just chose one of the three, grabbed the ingredient bag out of the fridge, and got to it. Some days my brain can only handle so much, and it was nice to take a break during meal prep time. All I had to do was read directions, and follow them. Each meal was fantastic.

Another great aspect of this is, trying new things. We often get stuck in dinner ruts in our house — we have a bunch of go-to recipes which is great, but rarely do we spice it up and try something out of the ordinary. Chicken tikka masala was very different for us, and I was super excited to try it out. My mom was here when we had that one — we both loved it! Colin didn’t love it, but I was just really happy that he gave it a try. The beef enchiladas we had were out of this world, and I could have eaten about ten of the pork chive burgers we had. AMAZING.

Lastly, I loved that it came with the perfect amount of each necessary ingredient. If I am trying a new type of flavor with a meal [that I don’t normally cook with] it is kind of annoying to buy a large quantity of something that I am only going to use a little bit of. There was no waste with our Plated meals, which made me happy.

This is definitely not something I see as a necessity, obviously. I like to get new ideas for recipes by collecting them online [especially Pinterest], and buying my own ingredients and groceries myself is more cost effective than having a weekly meal delivery service. Our regular weekly menus do not include a ton of $12 per person meals, that’s for sure. However, I loved trying this out to see how it works, and would absolutely use it again in the future for a busy week, when we’re looking to spice things up [in the kitchen people, in the kitchen], or possibly for a gift for someone [new baby, engagement]. In the very least, I would say that the discounted first delivery is 100% worth it.

Also, after you sign up and get a delivery, they have a referral program so that you have multiple ways to get money towards your next orders if family or friends sign up for Plated. Full disclosure, I used my referral link in this post. So if you decide to give it a go through my link, I thank you in advance for the credit!

Bon appetit!

*More questions? Please refer to Plated’s FAQs.

Plated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube.


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