Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

Something I was really obsessed with when I was pregnant was finding the perfect diaper bag. Not too “diaper-baggy”, stylish, but not crazy expensive, and probably last on my list — practical. I bought myself a beautiful black bag, and was so excited to get it and use it. And then when I started to use it, it bugged the crap out of me.


  1. It was beyond large. It was humongous. You don’t need that much stuff for baby on a daily basis.
  2. It had way too many pockets and contraptions; I could never find anything when I actually needed it. And when you need something, I have found that you usually need it quickly…so digging around for things doesn’t really work out well.
  3. The straps were too short to fit over my shoulder.
  4. It was hard to stuff the bag on the bottom of my stroller because it was so large and in charge.
  5. It honestly looked ridiculous; no matter whether it was packed to the brim or not, it looked like it was. So I looked like a wacko with basically a carry on piece of luggage as my diaper bag every day. Yea, who cares what people think? But it annoyed me personally, so I decided to give up on it.

And then lo and behold, I won a Sarah Wells ‘Maddy’ Breast Pump Bag on Facebook right around the time I decided to give up on my old bag. The universe can work in your favor sometimes!

Here is my bag on the Cross Sound Ferry on a trip to Long Island

Here is my bag on the Cross Sound Ferry on a trip to Long Island

Now clearly, this bag is designed to be a breast pump bag. But, since I don’t commute and work in an office, I don’t really need it for that. So, I decided to make this bag my new diaper bag. It is truly the perfect size for the things I need on an every day basis.

That being said, if you do need the Maddy bag because you are a working/pumping mom, this is the bag to have. Forget about that sad [sorry, but it’s true] bag that comes with your pump. You are an awesome mama, and deserve a stylin’ bag to stash your pump in. And one where you don’t even have to take the pump out because there are magical pockets?! Yes, yes, yes. The pockets allow you to operate your pump equipment from inside of the — super efficient, and discreet too.

The bag measures 13″ long, 8″ wide, and 11″ tall. The handles rise 11.5″ from the top of the bag. The main part of the bag is where I stash diapers, wipes, Nuroo scarf, changing pad, extra pacifiers, a rattle, socks, bows, sunscreen, and other random things for Mags. It’s also where I put my wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. There is a pocket inside where I store my Kindle, and a zipper pocket where I put loose items [i.e. chapstick]. Then there are two side pockets; one I store extra clothes for Maggie, and the other I store a few more toys/things to chew on [for Maggie, not me.]

Sometimes my bag looks like this [with random stuff bustin’ out]

photo 5(22)

And, on good days, it’s more like this:

photo 1(35)

[Shoutout to another Sara, my friend who makes amazing baby items — burp cloths, blankets, crib sheets, bibs, etc. at Chunky Love Boutique. That cute elephant burp cloth is one of her designs!]

More from Sarah Wells:

“Specialized side compartments on BOTH sides of the bag to discreetly carry your breast pump (fits most brands and styles of pumps), and also bottles, breast shields, tubing, power cords, battery pack, wipes, you name it – all while carrying your day-to-day items in the main compartment. Plus, the inside lining is easy-to-clean and the outside is water-resistant.”

In revamping my blog, and rejigging things to make it a better fit for my lifestyle these days, I wanted to pick and choose what products I write about. I will be writing about products I love and truly believe in. Sarah Wells is a wonderful person, a real pumping mother, and her bag design is fabulous! I got to meet Sarah at MommyCon Boston and it was a real pleasure. She is a genuine, really nice, super smart businesswoman. I am happy to recommend this bag to everyone and anyone!

As a little side note for things to come from Sarah Wells — I have been following what’s going on at the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas, and Sarah has been posting photos of her new designs coming soon. You HAVE to check them out. They are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

See more photos from the expo, and follow all things Sarah Wells on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@sarahwellsbags).

The Sarah Wells ‘Maddy’ bag is $145, and you can purchase it on


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